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Nail Enhancements

Our well qualified CND Nail Technicians have all had many years of ongoing training and experience and will be delighted to explain the different options of enhancements that are available to you and recommend the service best suited for your own particular needs. We will also advise you how best to look after your nails on an ongoing basis to ensure they always look fabulous!

Fingertips offer a 13 day guarantee with all new sets of enhancements, any damage experienced during the first 13 days will be repaired free of charge.

Nail Enhancements from £40

We offer a wide range of enhancements to suit individual needs and styles.


Rebalancing is the process that keeps your Nail Enhancements in great condition all the time. After two weeks, your natural nails will have grown as normal, moving the nail enhancements up with them. Having a rebalance returns your enhancements to their original length, strength and beauty.

Liquid & Powder from £30

Liquid & Powder rebalance with Shellac from £37