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Why Pedicure........?

All feet are born beautiful, then life takes its toll as our feet lead us forward, bearing our weight, yet taken for granted. Having a pedicure is more than just a special treat, it's a matter of good grooming. Regular pedicures help prevent infection and other foot problems.When your feet feel comfortable and look good, your entire body feels better. Your feet are your grounding on earth, give them the treat they deserve!

Luxury Pedicures include cleaning and soaking in a spa bath ~ exfoliation ~ footmask applied for moisturising and removed with steamed towels ~ cuticles softened and conditioned ~ nails conditioned using SolarOil ~ filing ~ moisturising massage ~ polish.

Luxury Spa Pedicure £30

This is a cooling, anti-inflammatory pedicure for tired, aching feet using marine-derived products with fresh, cleansing aroma therapeutic benefits. Designed to refresh and revitalise!

Express Pedicure £22

Does exactly what it says on the tin! A quick tidy-up to sort out your toe nails. Cuticles are softened and conditioned ~ Nails filed to desired length and shape ~ SolarOil buffed into nails to condition and smooth ~ Polish applied using two coats of colour and a shiny hard wearing top coat ~ A spray of fast-drying and conditioning Solar Speed Spray to finish.

Toenail Enhancements From £5 per nail

If you have damaged or removed toe nails your confidence can be affected. In most cases we can create natural looking and feeling enhancements for toe nails allowing you to wear open toed shoes or walk around bare foot on the beach with toes you will be proud to show off.

Toe File and Polish

With Colour £14

With French £16